Study In Canada

Canada is one of the biggest nations in the world and the biggest in the western hemisphere. Canada, a country in northern North America, stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Its citizens live in a community with a good level of living and a stable administration. The nation is resource-rich and has an advanced transportation network. The federal capital of Canada is Ottawa, and English and French are its official languages. Ten provinces and three territories make up this parliamentary democracy. The Canadian dollar is the official currency (CAD).

Canada is one of the least populous nations in the world despite its size. The Dublin-born author Anna Brownell Jameson, who traveled through central Ontario in 1837, exultedly about “the seemingly interminable line of trees before you; the boundless wilderness around you; the mysterious depths amid the multitudinous foliage, where foot of man hath never penetrated…the solitude in which we proceeded mile after mile, has been central to the sense of Canadian national identity.Despite their relative rarity, Canadians have created what many outsiders view as a model multicultural society by embracing immigrant communities from every continent. Canada also has access to and exports a richness of natural resources and intellectual capital that is unmatched by many other nations.


Quick Info




Canadian Dollar


38.01 Million

Time zone







9,984,670 KM²


281 Per KM²

GDP Per Capital



0.929 (2019)

Visa Process

  • filled up student visa application [Academic credentials, a passport that is valid, etc.] 
  • An admissions letter is given by the college or institution.
  • proper passport
  • your name and birthday on the backs of two recent passport-sized pictures
  • proof that you have the money to support your education. You’ll need to prove it.
  • to sustain oneself in the country, you need to earn between 10,000 and 11,000 CAD yearly.
  • an intent message
  • If you want to study in Quebec, you will also require a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec, English and French translations of your documents, translator certification, and a certified copy of the original paperwork.
  • a receipt proving you paid the study permit fee (150 CAD)
  • Biometric 
  • Requirements for Admission

Admission Requirement


  • Academic: 10+2 with 2.5 CGPA or Equivalent.
  • IELTS 6.5 or Equivalent.


  • Academic: Bachelor with 60% or Equivalent.
  • IELTS 7.0 or Equivalent. (TOFEL/PTE Acceptable)  

Document Checklist

  • your passport
  • the right visa application for Canada.
  • a confirmation of payment for the Canada visa.
  • evidence of a clean criminal record.
  • medical examination-based evidence of good health.
  • images that are acceptable to submit as photographs for a Canadian visa.
  • proof of financial capability
  • Proof that you’ll return home when your visa to enter Canada expires.
  • documents establishing one’s identity and citizenship.
  • a letter of introduction describing your travel to Canada and its goals.
  • letter of support and invitation to Canada.

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