Arts And Humanities

Course Overview

Introducing the arts and humanities

This course provides an overview of the arts and humanities. It walks you through a series of tasks meant to increase your confidence as an independent student and refine your attitude to studying and learning at a distance.

As a result, this basic course will serve a variety of functions.

First and foremost, they will provide you with the opportunity to go through study materials on your own.
Second, this content will introduce or refresh your knowledge of the study tools that you will require.

Reasons for choosing to study the arts

Let us now return to your reasons for enrolling in this course. However, you might be interested in learning about some of the reasons why students at the OU choose to study the arts and humanities:

At school, I excelled in English and history. I believe I’ll appreciate learning more about them.

At school, I never gave it my all and squandered my time. Now that I have the opportunity to study, I intend to take use of it.

I’ve spent several years at a job that I don’t particularly enjoy, and I’m looking for a new intellectual challenge. I’d want to meet other students as well.

I’ve always promised myself that I’d learn everything there is to know about artistic disciplines.